Boston University
University of Vermont
University of Texas Houston

BUSite ImageMicroglial, Inflammatory and Omics Markers of Cerebral Small Vessel Disease in the CHARGE Consortium


To develop novel predictive biomarkers of cerebral small vessel disease (SVD), we propose to measure two circulating biomarkers of microglial inflammation (sCD-14 and YKL-40) and a marker of astroglial injury (GFAP) in ~17,000 persons from 5 population-based cohorts. We will examine the causal relationships of these biomarkers with MRI-defined SVD and its associated neurocognitive and neurovascular outcomes and we will assess the incremental predictive utility of the novel biomarkers over previously established clinical and risk factor data. We will incorporate genetic, inflammatory, neurotrophic factor, adipokine, vascular injury, lipids and other biomarker information to improve our understanding of the role of glial cell dysfunction in SVD biology and develop improved prediction models of SVD risk and development of adverse neurological outcomes.



Investigators Information

PI: Suda Seshadri, MD
Boston University Medical Center


MPI: Russell Tracy, PhD
University of Vermont, College of Medicine


MPI: Myriam Fornage, PhD
University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

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