2023 Annual MarkVCID Conference

MarkVCID Group

MarkVCID 2023 Annual Conference Attendees (Oct. 19-20th, 2023)

The Consortium met in person for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic to discuss the breakthroughs and challenges of enrolling diverse all-comers populations with cognitive complaints and/or early symptomatic stages of cognitive impairment and dementia diagnoses potentially associated with cerebrovascular small vessel disease (SVD). 

With the goal of validating the candidate biomarkers over the next three years in mind, external advisors, NINDS, and Consortium sites brainstormed ways to improve participant enrollment and retention efforts and increase MarkVCID’s visibility in the broader community.

Consortium members spoke about their experiences engaging with diverse study participants, their families, caretakers, and clinical care teams. They exchanged ideas on various outreach initiatives that would ultimately improve participant experience and access to information about SVD-related VCID. 

The conference ended with an exciting walking tour of Old Town Albuquerque. The tour was full of history and tales from the Wild West!


Introductions & Consortium updates

Overview & Goals
Steve Greenberg, MD, PhD

Imaging Updates
Karl Helmer, PhD

Operational Data
Lisa Wruck, PhD & Lida Mazina

Fluid Biomarkers for Neurodegenerative Disease
Jason Hinman, MD, PhD

MarkVCID Statistical Methods
Lisa Wruck, PhD

Guest Speakers

Incorporation of Biomarkers from an Industry Perspective
Susan Catalano, PhD

Where VCID Research is Headed from an NINDS Perspective
Rod Corriveau, PhD

Consortium Panels

Recruitment  & Axes of Diversity
Moderators: Gwen Windham, MD (UMMC)
& Kristen Schwab (MGH) 
Rush: Konstantinos Arfanakis, PhD 
UTH: Hector Trevino 
USC: Marlena Casey 
WUSTL/UTSW: Andria Ford, MD 
JHU/UMB: Kaisha Hazel

Moderators: Jill Prestopnik (UNM) 
& Kristin Schwab (MGH) 
Mayo/UMMC: Pashanthi Vemuri, PhD 
UNM: Elizabeth Ott 
UKY: Katherine Snyder 
UC: Charles Windon, MD

Vision for Broader Outreach
Moderator: Jin-Moo Lee, MD, PhD (WUSTL) 
UCLA: Jason Hinman, MD, PhD 
UCD: Pauline Maillard, PhD 
UTHSCSA: Claudia Satizabal, PhD 
UNM: Arvind Caprihan, PhD 
USC: John Ringman, MD


Coordinator Workshops

Cognitive Battery Administration & Scoring
Victoria Williams, PhD

Data Completeness
Vilma Okey-Ewurum

Cerebrovascular Reactivity (CVR)
Hanzhang Lu, PhD

Conference Picture

Steve Greenberg, MGH

Conference Picture

Hanzhang Lu, JHU

Conference Picture

(l to r) John Ringman, USC; Arvind Caprihan, UNM

Conference Picture

(l to r) Hector Trevino, UTHSCSA; Jan Garcia, UTSW

Conference Picture

Jason Hinman, UCLA

Conference Picture

(l to r) Joel Miller, Mayo MN; Lori Donaldson, UMB

Conference Picture

Panel 1: Recruitment & Axes of Diversity 
Moderators: Kristin Schwab, MGH; Gwen Windham, UMMC 
Panelists: Marlena Casey, USC; Konstantinos Arfanakis, Rush; Andria Ford, WUSTL; Kaisha Hazel, JHU; Hector Trevino, UTHSCSA

Conference Picture

Panel 2: Retention 
Moderators: Kristin Schwab, MGH; Jill Prestopnik, UNM 
Panelists: Elizabeth Ott, UNM; Prashanthi Vemuri, Mayo MN; Charles Window, UCSF; Katherine Snyder, UKy

Conference Picture

(l to r) Claudia Satizabal, UTHSCSA; Pauline Maillard, UCD 

Conference Picture

Elizabeth Pantoja, Mayo FL

Conference Picture

Rod Corriveau, NINDS

Conference Picture

Lisa Wruck, Duke

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