MarkVCID Consortium Overview

MarkVCID’s seven research sites and coordinating center are funded by grants from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders & Stroke (NINDS) and National Institute on Aging (NIA), and the BrightFocus Foundation.

The 5-year mission of the research sites is to analyze and optimize candidate VCID biomarkers (years 1-2) and participate in a consortium-wide program of biomarker scaling-up, multi-site protocol implementation, and multi-site validation (years 3-5).

Meet the Team

Age-related cognitive impairment and dementia represent one of the greatest risks to public health both in the US and globally. Alzheimer’s disease is the commonest cause of cognitive impairment, but diseases of the brain’s blood vessels—particularly the network of small blood vessels that supply all parts of the brain—have also been shown to be major contributors. Many medical trials have been conducted to find ways to prevent cognitive impairment due to small vessel diseases, but have been hampered by the limited availability of “biomarkers” that identify which people should be treated, detect which disease pathways should be targeted, or indicate that a particular treatment is working.

NINDS, an External Advisory Committee, and interested non-governmental organizations provide ongoing advice and oversight to MarkVCID research projects.

  • MRI Arteriolosclerosis (Contact: Konstantinos Arfanakis)
  • MRI Cerebrovascular Reactivity (Contact: Hanzhang Lu)
  • MRI White Matter Hyperintensity Volume (Contact: Charles DeCarli)
  • MRI White Matter Hyperintensity Growth/Regression (Contact: Gregory Jicha)
  • MRI Peak Skeletonized Mean Diffusivity (Contact: Claudia Satizabal)
  • MRI Free Water (Contacts: Pauline Maillard, Arvind Caprihan)
  • OCTA Retinal Vessel Skeleton Density (Contact: Amir Kashani)
  • Plasma Endothelial Signaling (Contact: Jason Hinman)
  • Plasma Exosome Endothelial Inflammation (Contact: Fanny Elahi)
  • CSF Placental Growth Factor (Contact: Donna Wilcock)
  • Plasma Neurofilament Light (Contact: Sudha Seshadri)

MarkVCID collaborates with VCID biomarker investigators outside the Consortium.
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  • Clinical/cognitive measure collection manuals
  • Biospecimen collection Best Practices
  • Imaging standard operating procedures
  • Patient MRI protocols
  • Phantom MRI protocols
  • Imaging-based biomarker kit protocols
  • Fluid-based biomarker kit protocols

The MarkVCID Steering Committee serves as the Consortium’s primary decision-making body consisting of the Principal Investigator (PI) from each site, the coordinating center PI, and NINDS scientific officers.

Chair Steven Greenberg (Coordinating Center), Roderick Corriveau (NIH)
Voting Members Sudha Seshadri (CHARGE); Hanzhang Lu (JH); Julie Schneider (Rush/IIT); Joel Kramer (UC); Donna Wilcock (UKy); Gary Rosenberg (UNM); Danny Wang (USC)
NIH Roderick Corriveau, Linda McGavern, Francesca Bosetti, Claudia Moy, Debra Babcock, Jim Koenig, Jordan Gladman
Coordinating Center Karl Helmer, Kristin Schwab, Pia Kivisäkk

To help accomplish its mission, Steering oversees five subcommittees compromised of experts from research sites and the coordinating center who guide and recommend consortium procedures:

Chair Deborah Blacker (Coordinating Center)
Voting Members Sudha Seshadri, Mitzi Gonzales (CHARGE); Marilyn Albert, Sandeepa Sur (JHU); Melissa Lamar (Rush/IIT); Joel Kramer (UCSF); Richard Kryscio (UKy), Janice Knoefel, Jill Prestopnik (UNM); John Ringman (USC)
NIH Rod Corriveau, Linda McGavern
Coordinating Center Deborah Blacker, Steven M. Greenberg, Karl Helmer, Lida Mazina, Kristin Schwab, Herpreet Singh, Anand Viswanathan, Victoria Williams, Hong Yu
Co-chairs Konstantinos Arfanakis (Rush/IIT), Karl Helmer (Coordinating Center)
Voting Members Lenore Launer, Claudia Satizabal, Sudha Seshadri (CHARGE); Hanzhang Lu (JHU); Konstantinos Arfanakis (Rush/IIT); Charles DeCarli, Pauline Maillard (UCSF/UCD); Brian Gold (UKy); Arvind Caprihan (UNM); Amir Kashani, Danny Wang (USC)
NIH Rod Corriveau, Linda McGavern
Coordinating Center Bruce Fischl, Steven M. Greenberg, Karl Helmer, Andre van der Kouwe, Kristin Schwab, Herpreet Singh , Eric Smith
Co-chairs Donna Wilcock (UKy)
Voting Members Sudha Seshadri, Russell Tracy (CHARGE); Abhay Moghekar (JHU); Zoe Arvanitakis (Rush/IIT); Jason Hinman, Joel Kramer (UCSF/Davis/UCLA); Donna Wilcock (UKy); Jill Prestopnik, Gary Rosenberg (UNM); Abhay Sagare (USC)
NIH Rod Corriveau, Linda McGavern
Coordinating Center Steven M. Greenberg, Karl Helmer, Pia Kivisäkk, Kristin Schwab, Herpreet Singh , Anand Viswanathan
Co-chairs Gregory Jicha (UKY), Kristin Schwab (Coordinating Center)
Voting Members Myriam Fornage (CHARGE); Sevil Yasar (JHU); Julie Schneider (Rush/IIT); Fanny Elahi (UCSF/Davis/LA), Gregory Jicha (UKy); Jill Prestopnik (UNM); Amir Kashani (USC)
NIH Rod Corriveau, Linda McGavern
Coordinating Center Deborah Blacker, Karl Helmer, Kristin Schwab, Herpreet Singh
Chair Steven M. Greenberg (Coordinating Center)
Voting Members Josh Bis (CHARGE); Paul Rosenberg (JHU); Julie Schneider (Rush/IIT); Jason Hinman (UCSF/LA); Larry Goldstein (UKy); Jill Prestopnik, Erika Partridge (UNM); Arthur Toga (USC)
NIH Rod Corriveau, Linda McGavern
Coordinating Center Deborah Blacker, Karl Helmer, Jonathan Rosand, Kristin Schwab, Alexander Sherman, Herpreet Singh

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